GC 함량 계산

GC content of DNA templates is a critical factor which determines the success of cloning target genes into desired backbones. Gene templates with high GC content often result in complexities associated with primer designing including higher chances of forming self-dimers or secondary structures and requiring higher annealing temperatures. Therefore, the GC content of the target gene should be taken into consideration while choosing the optimal strategy for cloning the gene, particularly when opting for PCR-based approaches.

VectorBuilder’s GC Content Calculator tool allows you to determine the GC content of entire gene sequences as well as specific regions with a gene. When a DNA or RNA sequence is entered, our tool calculates the number and the percentage of each base type within the sequence. Additionally, setting a window size while using this tool enables you to determine the GC content of smaller segments within a sequence, thereby helping you identify GC-rich regions within the sequence.