Minimal Promoters

VectorBuilder offers many popular vector components that users can choose from when designing their vectors. The tables below provide detailed information on these popular components, which are listed separately by category.
Minimal Promoters
Name품목Application NotesReferencesSequence
Hsp68Mouse heat-shock protein 68 minimal promoter Strong core promoter; suitable for driving gene expression in vivo.Development. 105:707 (1989) View
miniCMVHuman cytomegalovirus minimal promoterWeak basal activityGene Ther. 16:43 (2009) View
minPSynthetic minimal promoter composed of TATA box and transcription start siteBasal activity weaker than miniCMVDeveloped by Promega View
SCP1Super core promoter 1 minimal promoter, synthetic core promoterBasal activity stronger than miniCMV but weaker than Hsp68Nat Methods. 3:917 (2006) View
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